Image of AidaAida is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) who is completing her supervised practice with CaRib Counselling & Psychotherapy. 

I have been working with individuals fleeing intimate partner violence for six years. During this time, I learned that relationships may offer us the kind of connection that supports our well-being. This realization is what motivated me to pursue a career in mental health. Over the years, I have supported many individuals coping with anxiety, stress, fear, and grief.

My practice is guided by two fundamental beliefs. Firstly, I believe that human beings are inherently relational. In other words, we rely on nurturing connections not only to survive but to thrive. Secondly, I recognize that establishing a foundation of safety is critical to the success of our work together. As such, my goal is to collaboratively create a secure, non-judgmental space where you can express yourself freely, enabling us to find the most effective ways to work together.

In my approach, I adopt a client-centered and relational perspective rooted in anti-oppressive and trauma-informed principles. Drawing on evidence-based practices, I employ an integrative style that allows me to develop and implement a tailored treatment plan in close consultation with you. My therapeutic toolbox encompasses various modalities, including Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), somatic techniques, relational approaches, and psychodynamic interventions.

Overall, my aim is to provide you with compassionate, individualized care that honors your experiences and fosters growth and healing.